Presentations & Seminars

Breakfast, Lunchtime, Anytime!

Kara Wellness provides your employees with educational wellness seminars to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. These presentations are lead by dynamic, qualified Kinesiologists and health behaviour consultants. They provide practical tips for realistic and effective change while having fun and encouraging team bonding between employees. 

Empower your employees with the tools needed to live healthier lives.  
Participation & discussion are encouraged! Choose from a variety of topics or let us know about a topic that interests your employees.
We customize topics to suit your employees’ needs.  

Presentations are often 60 minutes and are offered at lunch hour or at the start of the day.

Wellness breaks (15-20 minute wellness presentations) are also a great way to break up an event or meeting(s) that would otherwise mostly be sedentary and work-related.  

Full day workshops and “wellness days” can be offered as special treats for clients throughout the year. 

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